SF Laser Med

A Gold Standard Multi-Platform Laser System to Treat an Array of Hair, Skin and Tattoo Concerns

Our remarkable SF Laser Med can treat ALL hair colours, skin types, and even tanned skin.

SF Laser Med

Our SF Laser Med is the gold standard multi-platform laser system that uses 6 wavelengths across 2 applicators to achieve maximum results for hair removal, tattoo removal, and other skin concerns.

Treatment Benefits Include:

  • Triple Wavelength Technology:
    • Alexandrite 755nm
    • Diode 808nm
    • YAG 1064nm
  • Treats ALL Hair Colours
  • Treats ALL Skin Types
  • Treats Tanned Skin
  • -5’c Cooling System for a Comfortable Treatment Process
  • 12mm2 Spot Size for Effective Multi-Purpose Use
  • A Choice of Two Treatment Techniques:
    • Sweeping-Motion (Continuous Energy Pulses)
    • Stop and Shoot (Traditional Method)
  • 30 Million Laser Shots
  • ND:YAG Q-Switched Applicator: (For Tattoo Removal & Other Skin concerns)
  • 532nm:
    • Treats Red and Brown Coloured Tattoos
    • Treats Birthmarks and Other Skin Irregularities
  • 1064nm:
    • Treats Blue, Black and Green Coloured Tattoos
    • Treats Darker Eyebrow Tattoos
    • Treats Pigmentation
    • Treats Spider and Thread Veins
  • 1320nm:
    • Carbon Skin Rejuvenation
    • Treats Acne
    • Treats Enlarged Pores, Blackheads, and Dull Skin
  • 10 Million Laser Shots

Painless hair removal

Our remarkable SF Laser Med can treat ALL hair colours, skin types, and even tanned skin.

How it works


We understand that one piece of technology alone may be great, but we have engineered our applicator to combine 3 high-quality laser wavelengths with different penetration levels, to enable you to offer effective treatments to a wider range of clientele with different hair and skin types.

With the option of 2 settings: Traditional Stop and Shoot, emitting high energy pulses to damage the hair follicles, we also have a Sweeping-Motion mode setting. This emits continuous shorter energy pulses, gradually heating the dermis and allowing you to speedily move the applicator over the area, and safely complete the treatment in quicker time.

The minus 5 degrees cooling system built in our applicator also provides a much more comfortable treatment process for the client.

The three wavelengths built-in the applicator are:

Alexandrite 755nm: For a wide range of hair types & skin types, predominately pale to medium skin. More effective for targeting the Sebaceous Gland, it provides superficial penetration for thinner hair in areas such as upper lip and eyebrows.

Diode 808nm: Safe for all skin types, including darker skin types and tanned skin. Targeting the Bulge of the hair follicle, it works on moderate tissue depth penetration for medium to dark hair in areas such as arms, legs, and back.

YAG 1064nm: A great solution for darker skin types, although still effective on most skin types due to low melanin absorption. Targeting the hair Papilla and Bulb, giving the deepest penetration into hair follicle for deeply embedded coarse hair in areas such as bikini and underarms.


Having the advantage of a Q-Switched applicator with 3 different wavelengths (532nm; 1064nm; & 1320nm), allows a wider range of clients to be treated safely with different coloured tattoos and skin concerns.
(For Tattoo Removal)
Our ND:YAG applicator has been specially designed with Q-Switching technology. Q-Switching is a precise type of quick and strong pulses for effective tattoo removal that shatters the ink into smaller fragments.

White blood cells are activated to help carry this fragmented ink through the lymphatic system, which enables it to be safely transported out of the body.

The advantage of Q-Switching is that it’s the only laser pulse form to remove dark and bright tattoos using higher levels of fluence, without the side-effects of scarring or damaging the surrounding tissue.
(For Skin Concerns)

For Pigmentation & Birthmarks: The SF Laser Med is effective for pigmented lesion removal. It works by concentrating a burst of single-wavelength light onto the skin which is well absorbed by skin cells containing excessive concentrations of melanin. This laser pulse will therefore lighten the targeted pigmentations or be able to remove it altogether.

For Thread Veins: The laser is targeted directly at the thread vein which causes it to heat up. This makes it increase in temperature, causing damage to the blood vessel wall, which results in the blood vessel closing. The body is then able to absorb the damaged blood vessels over a few months and hence they no longer become visible.

For Carbon Skin Rejuvenation: The skin is cleansed, and a medical grade Carbon lotion is applied, which penetrates the pores. The laser is then used to gently heat the carbon, killing bacteria in the pores, stimulating collagen production and closing the pores. The skin is left looking and feeling rejuvenated and clear of congestion.

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