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We comprise of a core group of highly trained and dedicated professionals, having many years of experience in developing the latest multi-platform, and most innovative technologies for use in the aesthetics, beauty, and medical industries.

(Rachael Louise – Caerphilly)

“I attended Beauty UK at Birmingham NEC as I was looking for a new treatment to add to my services that was completely different to the rest on my treatment list. As the weight loss industry is booming at the moment, I looked into a cavitation treatment. There were several companies demonstrating their machines that day and I had a look at all of them. The Slim Fit stand was very approachable and I had a chat with a very friendly lady about the machine and the process while I watched a young lady have a demonstration of the treatment. I was blown away with the results that she got from just one session with the SF Vacuum Cavitation machine. I went away with a brochure, which included everything I needed to know about the company and the different machines they had to offer. Two days after the show I received a phone call from Shyam, we had a lengthy chat about how this service would be great for my business and he answered every single question I asked with confidence. From the start, the company has been very professional and kept me up to date with everything. The training I was provided with was excellent. I love the look of the machine. It’s very simple to use and easy to keep clean. My clients have loved the new treatment and I have constantly had new clients and their friends enquiring about the machine. It has also brought back clients that I haven’t seen for months! I will be looking to upgrade to the ultra cavitation machine in the near future.”

(Gym Divas - Dudley)

“I heard about Slim Fit Clinic and decided to research the company. I compared them and their machines to many others in the market, but Slim Fit stood out by a mile. Their excellent support, state of the art technology, and great value for money couldn’t compare to any other. I knew this as soon as I met the director and had a demonstration done on my sister. We were all very impressed with the instant results the machines gave. Offering these treatments really compliments our current services, as we are a ladies only gym. We have so many new and existing clients enquiring about this new service – who doesn’t want to lose weight these days, when its as easy as this!”

(Client - Solihull)

“After giving birth, I suffered quite badly from lower back and stomach pain. I tired everything, from massages, to doctors prescribing medication to help reduce the pain. Nothing worked! A friend of mine mentioned a unique technology that Slim Fit Clinic had called Cryotherapy. Without having any expectations, I went to have my first treatment done. It was a really different cold sensation, but strangely bearable. As soon as I sat up from the bed I felt a real difference. I have been several times now and every time I go the pain gets less and less and I can go for much longer periods of time without even feeling it. It’s like a miracle and I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from any kind of pain.”

Surinder Gill
(Beauty Flow, Wolverhampton)

“I first made an enquiry to Slim Fit Clinic early 2014, found out all of the relevant information I needed, and when I knew it was right for me, decided to take the plunge. I started up my franchise later on in the year, and between training and setting up, the team were extremely professional and helpful by providing me with everything I need to know and more. I was very passionate and determined, as I knew the amount of research that had gone into Slim Fit Clinic; there was no way it could go wrong. Since clients have been finding out about this amazing service I am now offering, it has been nonstop! My client’s results speak for themselves, I haven’t had a single unhappy client and I’m confident enough to say it will stay that way.”

(Client at Slim Fit Clinic - Leicester)

“I feel amazing after losing 12.4 inches in only 6 sessions! Thank you Slim Fit Clinic, you brought my confidence back!”

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